Posibolt Van Sales Solution

Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers today face a recurring challenge of just in time or real-time ordering and delivery at customer premise as the customer orders are dynamic and not pre planned.

Thus the time to react for the distributor is very limited and it has to be managed very efficiently using a good order and inventory management on the move, also called as Van Sales Solution.

Challenges with the Traditional Van Sales

The traditional Van Sales approach has been to load the items in the Van in a gross guess work manner based on the history of the buyer applying the memory and experience of the Van Salesman. This manual approach can have serious limitations, for example the dependency on the Van sales person for the customer know how, and when he leaves the job, it could be a serious issue, also the manual process would have difficulties in accommodating seasonal variations.

The other set of challenges are with the order taking process, often it happens that the item was in the Van but hidden somewhere below and the salesperson could not see or reach hence the order was missed leading to a lost opportunity. And to top it all, the collection efficiency and reminders for payments has been a constant irritant with the Owners of the business, as there is no proper system to look at the ageing and payment histories.

posibolt van sales diagram
posibolt van sale

Posibolt Van Sales Solution

Smart Van Sales is an innovative salesforce automation software and ordering solution that combines the robustness of Posibolt retail solution with the reach and power of trendy Android based ordering and inventory management mobile App. The solution makes efficient loading of the Van from the warehouse based on the customer route and the previous Sales History of the customers. Using this Tab or Mobile solution your Van Sales person will be enabled and empowered to take accurate orders at the client location avoiding delayed, incorrect, missed orders and duplicate entries. All this leads to better customer satisfaction and enhanced business prospects through up selling and cross selling. The Management on the other hand will have a better visibility and control on operations by defining and monitoring route map, exact time of deliveries, real time order taking, more effective financial visibility and control through this simple yet powerful interface.

Salient Features of Posibolt Van Sales

  • Efficient Loading of the Van from warehouse based on the customer route and the previous Sales History of the customers

  • Posibolt Van Sales solution integrated with Quick and Easy Mobile App based Sales ordering solutions eases the process Customer-side order taking. The order taken can be converted into a sales invoice through backend connectivity to Posibolt ERP Cloud. The process avoids the error prone duplication of entries

  • Every time a customer order is entered, the stock in the Van is checked by the Mobile App automatically without the Van Salesman having the need to physically check

  • Sales invoice can be printed at customer premises on the wireless/ handheld PDA during the route sales which updates stock and accounts instantly without any hassles.

  • Van Sales Solutions sends out reminders to the salesman on outstanding payments by customers which is based on the ageing

  • Salesman can post customer payments instantly and SMS confirmation is sent to client about receipt of amount.

  • Van Sales solution can track the Return items entered in the mobile app instantly without any hassles.

  • Salesman can have the information pertaining to daily sales and cash balance on the go.

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