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How to get most out of Mobile Van Sales App

Automation has become a household term. Smart homes, smart cities, et. al. have made life easy and convenient for the common man to say the least. Businesses are no different. From mundane tracking of inventory, bills and the works, businesses today have come a long way in embracing technology, thanks to business benefits technology and automation provides.

On-prem inventory management :

As discussed, inventory management for a mobile person was quite a demon to fight in the past. With Smart Van Sales at the helm of affairs, wholesalers, distributors, retail chains, bakeries, water supply companies or any sector has been cut slack with this inclusion. When a representative of the wholesaler goes to a client’s place, he can now track inventory on the go and real time.

On-Prem bill generation :

Wait no more for bills to be generated and passed through long processes. Smart Van sales has made sales cycles easy and this benefits both wholesalers and their customers. With the click of a button, bills get instantly generated, agreed upon and processed in no time.

Improved efficiency :

Customer order patterns are now easily recorded and with this smart salesforce automation tool, wholesalers can target their deliverables by lasering it down to a T.

Smart dashboards :

With an efficient dashboard that is not UI heavy, the information is on the fingertips. The app allows you to now seamlessly perform tasks on the go!

What does this mean

Enhanced customer satisfaction, seamless operation and super-efficient monitoring of tasks.

Based on customer routes and sales history, Van sales efficiently manages the loading of the van from the warehouse. What’s more? The mobile app is so intuitive, it checks the stock on the go at the customer’s place as soon as the order is placed. This reduces the manual intervention of the person handling the van.

An updated invoice of stock and accounts is instantly printed on-prem without much of a hassle using a hand-held device. This enables updating of customer payments instantly and the customer is sent an SMS about the receipt of the amount. The software also updates sales returns on the mobile app instantly.

With a history of serving customers in the retail and distribution businesses efficiently for a considerable period, Posibolt continues to innovate its products staying abreast of the latest in technology and delivering them efficiently to our esteemed customers delight.

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