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4.8/5 star rating on Google Play Store

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4.8/5 star rating on Google Play Store

Posibolt’s supermarket POS software is designed to efficiently handle all complex operations for FMCG retail shops and retail chains. Our supermarket billing software and POS (point of sale) system simplifies and optimizes day-to-day operations, regardless of the size and type of your business.

posibolt hypermarket supermarket pos software

With POSibolt’s Hypermarket and Supermarket POS Software, you can:

Manage Supermarkets/Hypermarket Chains with Ease

  • Consolidate sales-, inventory-, and accounting-related transactions from all your supermarkets/hypermarkets/ grocery stores with an omnichannel experience using Posibolt’s scalable and adaptable supermarket POS solution

  • View consolidated reports for all your stores for deeper insights into your performance

  • Optimize resources by centralizing your inventory management processes

  • Centralize your operations, promotions, purchases, and policies across your stores from your supermarket and hypermarket POS solution

Manage Supermarkets Hypermarket Chains with Ease
increse sales

Increase Sales

  • Set up a variety of promotions with just a few clicks; create a buzz and bring more customers into your supermarkets/hypermarkets

  • Omnichannel functionality lets your customers engage with you in more ways, leading to more sales

  • Get reports on dead/slow-moving stock to change your sales strategy, offer promotions, and increase sales

  • Offer loyalty points to your customers to keep them coming back to your stores

Avoid Wastage

  • Make data-driven purchase decisions with the help of insights from sales trends and analytics to avoid overstocking

  • Track groceries by batch and get notifications when products are nearing expiry

  • Set up promotions and offers to get slow-moving items off the shelves before they expire

avoid wastage
Superfast Transactions with Enhanced Customer Experience

Superfast Transactions with Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Ensure your supermarket shelves always have the products your customers want by predicting buying patterns and restocking accordingly

  • The supermarket billing software includes user-centric features such as weighing scale integration and intuitive user interface to speed up billing and reduce waiting time in queues

  • Expiry date alerts prevent sales clerks from checking out products past their expiry date and prevent negative shopping experiences for your customers

  • Support for multiple payment methods like cash, card, digital wallets, and vouchers lets your customers pay in the manner most convenient to them

  • Integrated app allows your customers to browse your goods and order groceries from the comfort of their homes. Consolidated sales queue and home delivery tracking helps you take care of the rest.

  • Offer a loyalty program for your supermarket to reward your regular customer

Simplify Your Warehouse Management

  • Get automated notifications on reaching pre-set reorder levels so you don’t miss replenishments

  • Generate purchase orders and track progress

  • Supply your workers with an app for locating items and updating inventory

Simplify Your Warehouse Management
Protect Your Business from Misappropriations

Protect Your Business from Misappropriations

  • Secure your accounts and data by ensuring role-based access in your supermarket and hypermarket billing software

  • A tamper-proof audit trail leaves no room for embezzlement

  • Manage your store cash handover on shift change securely with our ‘till management hand-over’ feature

  • Coupons and loyalty points secured with OTP-based verification

Simplify Accounting and Tax Compliance

  • All your accounting data can be accessed from a single location

  • In-built tax calculation and returns filing and ensure timely regulatory compliances for GST, VAT, and e-invoicing

  • Configure the accounting module to meet your requirements

  • View your receivables and payables at a single glance

  • View your balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and analysis of the profit and loss ratio

Simplify Accounting and Tax Compliance
Reduce Manual Work

Reduce Manual Work

  • Eliminate the manual effort and errors associated with manual data entry

  • Import inventory data in bulk from an excel sheet into the supermarket POS item master

  • Update rates in bulk from an excel sheet

  • Auto-generate SKUs

  • Keep track of inventory on the move and home delivery status

Set Up and Optimize Your Home Delivery Processes

  • Set up an app for your supermarket/hypermarket so your customers can order from the comfort of their homes

  • Have home delivery orders consolidated with the store sales data

  • Give your delivery personnel a mobile POS to generate invoices or make new sales at the customer’s doorstep

  • Keep track of your inventory on the move in real-time

  • Get real-time updates about sales, payments, and order fulfillment

  • Set up a dark store to cater to home delivery orders

  • Eliminate data inconsistencies by having your supermarket POS software functioning as a single source of truth

Set Up and Optimize Your Home Delivery Processes
Get Insights on Revenue, Expense, Accounting and Performance

Get Insights on Revenue, Expense, Accounting and Performance

  • Get Insights on Revenue, Expense, Accounting and Performance

  • Get reports on purchases; landed cost report, consignment payable report, shipment status report, and more

  • Get reports on your stock; slow-moving items, fast-moving items, stock aging, stock InOut report, stock position report, and more

  • Get accounting reports; expenses, trial balance, BPartner Journal report, financial report, GST audit report, and more

  • Send the reports by email or view on your phone for easy access

  • Configure the reporting template to suit your needs

  • Export the reports to an excel or PDF for further review and analysis

Offer an Omnichannel Shopping Experience

  • Let your customers engage with you in a variety of ways – your brick-and-mortar store, your online ordering app, your e-commerce website, or BOPIS (book online, pick in-store)

  • Optimize your home delivery system with better visibility of your moving inventory and van sales, and elimination of data inconsistencies

  • Set up a dark supermarket to cater to your online orders

Offer an Omnichannel Shopping Experience
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Drive Profitability

Drove 20+% compound growth in sales for AMRI fashions, realizing 100% RoI in 1 year

Enhance Customer Experience

Cut down time for strategic decision making from weeks to just hours for Euro Novelties.

Improve Productivity

Improved cash flow and reduced shrinkage for Osbro Cash and Carry, freeing up capital for investment in new businesses.

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4.8/5 star rating on Google Play Store

See Our Supermarket and Hypermarket POS Software For Yourself

posibolt supermarket billing software product

This notification keeps your sales clerks from billing an item past its expiry date. Notifications like this one ensure smooth and efficient functioning of your day-to-day activities.

posibolt hypermarket billing software dashboard

The customizable dashboard gives you easy access to the features most important to you.


Visual reports give you an overview of your business performance at a glance.

posibolt supermarket point of sale delivery track

Track your inventory on the move, from the moment it leaves your property until it reaches your customer’s hands.


Be aware of inventory nearing expiry so you can set up promotions to get them off the shelves and avoid wastage.

posibolt supermarket pos software promotion

Set up offers, promotions, and discounts with ease.

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