Purchase Management Software

Purchase management is a daunting task for business owners. Maintaining sufficient and optimum inventory levels involves a great deal of strategizing, planning and coordination, and in turn impacts profit margins, sales volume, and customer satisfaction. While the traditional approach has been to go by the sales history and replenishment cycles, this approach is no longer valid, especially with the advent of advanced integrated digital inventory management technologies like Posibolt.

Retail business intelligence software and purchase management software

Our purchase management module helps you streamline, optimize, and automate your purchase-related activities. When combined with the inventory management and receive goods functionalities, you get all the features of a comprehensive procurement management software rolled into one.

With the purchase management software features, you can :

Establish Purchase Processes

With configurable workflows and approval chains, you can set up a purchase process that aligns with the hierarchy and the approval process that you currently follow in your organization. Posibolt’s purchase module ensures that purchase decisions are made in compliance with your process, eliminating inconsistencies and the need for governance management.

Analyse Your Purchase Operations

Your purchases are a key component of your retail strategy. How often you purchase, how much you purchase, and how much you spend on your purchases in turn determine your profit margin, your inventory optimization, and your pricing strategy. Our purchase module allows you to analyze and keep track of each aspect of your purchase process so that you gain a better understanding of your current working and thereby identify weaknesses and opportunities and make better decisions to drive growth.

Scale Your Retail Business

Our purchase management software is meant for growing businesses and is designed to help you grow. You can centralize your purchase operations with our scalable solution, thereby using your growing size to get better rates and build stronger relationships with vendors. Thereafter, our inventory management module will assist you with centralized inventory management.

Digitize Purchase Order Management

Review and track your purchase orders from a single location and get instant information on your financial commitments. This feature also serves as a handy way to get an overview of the status of all your orders, whether by order date, promised date, vendor, status, or period. With all the features of a purchase order management software, our purchase module is a much-loved part of our ERP software.

Simplify Documentation and Compliance

The purchase module serves as a single stop for all documentation related to your purchases, whether purchase requisition forms, purchase orders, standard terms and conditions, invoices, etc. Generating and reviewing purchase-related documents becomes easier than ever!

Automate Purchases

Free up time and energy and eliminate costly manual errors by automating the purchase process. Set up reorder level points so that purchase orders can automatically be generated every time your inventory goes below a predetermined level. With preferred vendor allocation, you can finish in seconds what previously might have taken you hours.

Digitize Your Supply Chain Management

As part of Posibolt’s ERP software, the purchase module seamlessly integrates all the functions involved in supply chain management. From generating purchase orders based on inventory levels, all the way to receiving goods, settling vendors and calculating landed costs, your entire supply chain team can work together on this integrated platform.