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Posibolt's business intelligence software will help you transform the way you understand your performance, plan for the future, and make decisions. Get insights into your sales, purchases, and inventory management, and keep track of your KPIs and overall performance with our robust retail analytics solution.

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With Posibolt's Business Intelligence Analytic software, you can:

Make Confident, Fact-Based Decisions

Use the detailed reports, charts, and graphs that provide a comprehensive, in-depth view of the performance of each of your business verticals to gain valuable insights into your current situation and make data-driven decisions for your growth.
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Identify Business Opportunities and Stay Ahead of Competition

With our business intelligence tools, you can uncover business opportunities such as emerging consumer trends and cross-selling opportunities. Furthermore, you can gain insights that help you reduce dead stock, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a lean inventory. With decreased spending and increased sales, you can keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Track Your Performance

With our customized dashboards for business intelligence, you can focus on the verticals and metrics that matter the most to you. Reports, charts, and graphs display high-level metrics as well as in-depth information on any element you want to monitor. Decide which KPIs greet you every time you enter our retail analytics portal.
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Identify Problem Areas for You to Focus On

With so many departments and functions to monitor, it’s easy for underperforming areas to slip under your radar. With Posibolt’s dashboards for business intelligence, you get real-time updates on each of your departments and functions. Our business intelligence tool is just what you need to notice potential issues and resolve them before they bring your revenue down.

Set Performance Benchmarks With Retail Analytics

Raise your performance and strive for excellence by setting performance benchmarks and comparing your stock-to-sales ratio, gross margin return on investment, customer retention, sell-through rate, or any other KPI of your choice to industry standards. Set up a report to track your KPI and measure your progress towards your goal.
Predictive retail analytics
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Streamline Your Operations

Go beyond sales figures and find ways to increase your profitability by optimizing your inventory and purchase processes. Compare your purchases/inventory to your sales to determine your operational efficiency and use predictive retail analytics to make data-driven purchase and stocking decisions.

Share Reports Across Your Organization

Get role-based access set up for your reports so that every department is empowered with data to make better decisions in real time. Our data visualization tools allow anyone to make sense of the complex data and gain insights into the operations they’re responsible for. Furthermore, the reports can easily be shared across your organization as you see fit.
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Improve Your Profitability

With retail business intelligence software comes a deeper understanding of where your business is performing well and where it can improve, better information about your customers, real-time data on your operations, and increased focus on your finances and KPIs, resulting in increased profitability and revenue.

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Here Are Some More Things You Can Do With Our Retail Analytics Solution :

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Comprehend Complex Data in Seconds

Reading and making sense of rows of numbers is no longer a crucial skill for business owners. Say goodbye to headache-inducing figures and hello to advanced charts and graphs that let you take in your performance at a glance.

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Evaluate Your Employees

If your retail strategy involves sales reps, you would certainly want to know how effective they are, wouldn’t you? Use our BI reports to evaluate the performance of your sales reps across different time periods, in different stores, and with different products.

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Identify and Promote Underperforming Products

Use the stock aging dashboard to study the age of your stock across organizations, product categories, and brands, identify slow-moving and fast-moving items, or overperforming and underperforming organizations.

Use your insights to plan promotional activities and improve the sales of slow-moving items or gain extra value from fast-moving items.

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Optimize Resources with Inter Branch Stock Transfers

Use historic sales data to predict future sales and stock shortages and make the most of your existing resources by transferring inventory between your branches with the help of the stock dashboard.

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Track Irregular Activity at Cash Counters

Identify tills (if any) that aren’t balanced and track irregularities to see whether there are repeated discrepancies associated with a particular till or cashier.

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Monitor Your Purchases

Compare your purchases over different periods and find out how much you’ve been spending on each product category, which product categories you’ve been spending the most on, how much you spend with each supplier, and who your top suppliers are.

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Inspect the Performance of Every Item

The secret behind a good sales strategy is high-quality sales data, and that’s exactly what you get here. Dive deep into your item-wise sales data and understand how each product performs in different time periods, in different stores, and at different prices.

Also learn which brands sell better, and compare the sales across different colors, sizes or styles with our powerful retail analytics solution.

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Know Your Customers

Your customers are one of your most valuable assets, and it is crucial that you understand them in greater detail. Use our business intelligence analytics solution to learn more about the demographics, purchasing power, preferences and behaviors of your customers.

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Monitor Your Cash

Monitor the activity at your cash counters with cashing up reports that give you insights into how your cashiers handle cash or what payment methods your customers prefer, and compare the balance across your tills.

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Focus on Financial Metrics that Matter to You

Get customized dashboards displaying the financial metrics that you want to track, such as the 13-week cash flow forecast. View profit margins by pricelists to evaluate the benefit to your organization.

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Optimize Your Sales

While getting a summary of your sales performance is nice, it isn’t enough for strategizing or optimizing your revenue. With our business intelligence analytics, you can view and compare your sales by year, quarter, or even month.

You can also compare your sales in each of your stores, and identify which product(s)/product categories are generating the most sales. Or measure your sales by period to compare how you performed during peak sales periods across years. Identify cross-selling opportunities, uncover consumer trends, and set up promotions to convert slow-moving stock - the options are endless.

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Compare Your Purchases Against Your Sales

Compare your sales and purchase data against each other to get fresh insights into your performance. Our retail analytics solution lets you compare the sales and purchase metrics you want to focus on, such as gross profit, profit, purchase quantity, sales quantity, purchase price, sales value, etc.

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Monitor the Sales Metrics You Care About

Get custom reports and dashboards to highlight the sales metrics you want to focus on such as sell-through rate, average purchase value, or items per purchase, with color-coded graphs to bring underperforming and overperforming metrics to your immediate attention.

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Identify Consumer Trends

Get sales reports by brand, color, size, and style to identify consumer trends and take advantage of these insights to customize your product range accordingly.

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Take a Look at Our Software for Business Intelligence

posibolt bi sales summary dashboard

Sales Summary

It is used for evaluating sales performance and making business decisions, to check in on progress toward sales goals and organization's targets. Shows the increase or decrease in sales revenue of two different time periods, showing whether or not a business is growing in the right direction. To know the current sales trend of products and customers.

posibolt bi stock ageing dashboard

Stock Ageing

Dashboard that shows the key metrics about the status of items in stock. How long each item in stock spends in storage before being sold and to analyse the costs of maintaining the quality of items in warehouse and focus your attention on slow moving items in store and improve decision making on the timing and quantity of product purchases.

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Purchase Dashboard

Purchase dashboard having information of product purchased from vendors and quantity of purchase made for particular product from different vendors. shows comparison of product purchased with previous years, month and quarter wise product quantity and amount.

posibolt bi stock dashboard

Stock Dashboard

To review stock levels and adjust or move stock as needed. dashboard include metrics that show the state of your stock such as items or products approaching out of stock or with excess quantity.
used to improve and speed up its product purchasing and inventory planning strategies,
and it can reduce the chances of financial loss due to poor tracking.

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Learn More About Business Intelligence Softwares and Retail Analytics

What is business intelligence software?

Business Intelligence (BI) software is a software solution that gathers all the data generated by the various departments and activities in an organization and then processes it to present relevant and meaningful information in easily understandable formats such as charts and graphs. It is designed to help the management and decision-makers of an organization make better decisions by equipping them with the data they need at the tip of their fingers.

Why use software for business intelligence?

Traditionally, business owners would make decisions and strategize for the future based on intuition and guesswork, both of which are unreliable. Alternately, they would rely on an IT team to provide them with reports, which was a time-consuming and inefficient process as reports were generated based on individual requests, and delays/inaccuracies/outdated information was inevitable. Business intelligence softwares are powerful solutions that address both of these challenges (and many others). They provide accurate, real-time information and analysis to business owners 24x7, all at their fingertips. The improved data quality and accessibility lead to better, data-driven decisions and eliminate the reliance on an IT team for merging and converting data and generating reports.

What are the benefits business intelligence software brings to a business?

Business intelligence software helps businesses grow by supporting business owners and decision makers with:

Fact-based decision making
Monitoring KPIs and tracking progress
Comparing performance against industry benchmarks
Spotting and resolving issues early on
Improving processes and streamlining operations
Identifying trends and capitalizing on opportunities
Increasing revenue and profitability

What are business intelligence tools?

Business intelligence tools include data warehouse, data preparation, data visualization, and BI dashboards, all of which come together in a business intelligence solution.

What does retail analytics mean?

Retail analytics is business intelligence applied to retail: the use of retail data such as sales volume, inventory count, pricing, and purchase history to discover trends, predict demand, optimize resources, and make better decisions.

What kind of analytics can be done on retail data?

Retail data can be used to provide four types of analytics:

Descriptive analytics - This is done by merging data from multiple sources such as POS systems, inventory management systems and ERP systems to generate reports and provide valuable insights into the current working of your retail business.

Diagnostic analytics - This is done by using statistical analysis, algorithms and machine learning to find correlations between data points and anomalies, if any.

Predictive analytics - Predictive retail analytics uses the information from descriptive and diagnostic analytics to understand the factors affecting business, identify patterns and predict future trends.

Prescriptive analytics - This is the most advanced type of retail analytics and uses complex machine learning and algorithmic AI to understand the connection between actions and outcomes, and then gives retailers recommendations on what they should do to improve their revenue/profit.

How can retail analytics help businesses?

Retail analytics provide retail businesses with valuable insights that help them understand their customers’ behavior, their product performance, the efficiency of their processes and employees, and the performance of their vendors. With these insights, retailers can make better decisions to capitalize on consumer trends, improve their inventory management, optimize their resources, and improve their sales, ultimately increasing their revenue and profitability.