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Van Sales Software for Oxyplus, UAE

Problem Statement

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In response to the challenges faced by Oxyplus, the company embarked on a comprehensive strategy to enhance its operational efficiency and address the issues of inventory management and delivery. Recognizing the importance of leveraging technology to streamline processes, Oxyplus invested in cutting-edge inventory management software and state-of-the-art monitoring systems and van sales software.

The implementation of advanced inventory management software allowed Oxyplus to gain real-time insights into its stock levels, facilitating better control over the supply chain. This not only minimized the risk of stockouts but also optimized storage space, ensuring that resources were utilized efficiently. Additionally, the software enabled automated order processing, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays in the delivery process.

To tackle the challenge of data inconsistency, Oxyplus integrated a centralized data management system. This system ensured that information across different departments was synchronized, eliminating discrepancies and promoting data accuracy. The integration of a robust monitoring system further enhanced Oxyplus’ ability to track and trace each water can throughout the supply chain. This not only provided valuable insights into the delivery process but also allowed for quick identification and resolution of any potential issues.

Furthermore, Oxyplus invested in a comprehensive training program for its staff to ensure a seamless transition to the new technologies. This empowered the workforce to adapt to the changes effectively, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organization.

As a result of these strategic initiatives, Oxyplus experienced a significant boost in overall operational efficiency. The streamlined inventory management and delivery processes not only reduced costs but also enhanced customer satisfaction through timely and accurate deliveries. The implementation of advanced monitoring and data management systems solidified Oxyplus’ position as a leader in the drinking water distribution industry in the UAE, setting new standards for excellence in service and reliability.


Posibolt advanced solution for Van Sales Management became the choice to address the business problem. The Solution is crafted for innovative salesforce and ordering automation that combines the robust retail solution with the reach and power of trendy Android based ordering and inventory management mobile App.

The following are some salient points about the van sales software and its implementation:

  • The items in the Van are converted into a mobile warehouse which the Van salesman can easily refer for stock position status
  • Quick and Easy Mobile App based Sales ordering process by Customer-side order taking and conversion into sales invoice through backend connectivity to Posibolt ERP Cloud. The process avoids the error prone duplication of entries
  • Sales invoice can be printed at customer premises on the wireless/ handheld PDA during the route sales which updates stock and accounts on the go.
  • Empty cans and damaged cans can be entered in the mobile app instantly without any hassles to track stock loss and optimized supply chain.


The following are some of the outcomes of our van sales software implementation:

  • Efficient Loading of the Vans from warehouse based on the customer route and the previous Sales History of the customers
  • Cost and Time saving in terms of data entry and management effort as well as increased efficiency due to inventory control
  • Effective reports for route and inventory management are generated on the go for better and more accurate decision making
  • Better Customer engagement, upselling and cross selling based on purchase patterns.
  • Improved Collection Efficiency as the Van Salesman gets reminders on outstanding payments by customers which is based on the ageing.

For more details visit www.posibolt.com, send in your queries to info@posibolt.com or call us on +91 87141 13166

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In conclusion, Oxyplus’s commitment to improving its inventory management and delivery efficiency through technological advancements has not only addressed existing challenges but has also elevated the company’s overall operational standards. By investing in cutting-edge inventory management software, implementing a centralized data management system, and adopting state-of-the-art monitoring solutions, Oxyplus has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the UAE’s drinking water distribution sector.

The successful integration of these technologies has resulted in real-time visibility into stock levels, minimized the risk of errors, and optimized storage space, leading to cost savings and enhanced resource utilization. The centralized data management system has eliminated data inconsistencies across departments, promoting accuracy and reliability in decision-making. The robust monitoring system has empowered Oxyplus to track and trace each water can throughout the supply chain, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process.

Moreover, Oxyplus’s investment in staff training underscores its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability within the organization. The positive outcomes of these strategic initiatives not only signify Oxyplus’s dedication to excellence but also set new benchmarks for reliability and service quality in the competitive landscape of water distribution.

As Oxyplus continues to lead the way with its forward-thinking approach, the company is poised for sustained growth and success, exemplifying how technological advancements can drive positive transformations in the business landscape.

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