Tips to improve your Sales through Process and Workforce Automation

Automation has finally arrived! It has extended its arms to serve many industries and businesses today, to stay ahead in the game and businesses have embraced it with arms wide open.

Businesses worldwide are going through a major transformation to an extent of total disruption of the traditional ways of doing business. Technology is playing a major role in the running of new-age businesses, to an extent that Automation and Artificial Intelligence are a reality with even smaller businesses. In this article, we will focus on how you can apply automation to your sales process and workforce to improve your revenues and customer engagement.

Challenges with the Traditional Approaches

The traditional Sales approaches are mired with the following challenges
  • Poor Market Segmentation Knowledge leading to Lame or Improper Targeting

  • Hitting in the Dark: Lack or limited knowledge of the customer and their buying patterns that leased to poor or underselling

  • Process Overheads and Inefficiencies: Inaccurate Manual recordings, misinterpretations, process delays

  • Poor Collection Efficiency: The collection efficiency and reminders for payments has been a constant irritant with the Owners of the business, as there is no proper system to look at the ageing and payment histories.

Process and Workforce Automation

The following are some of the tips to improve your sales
  • Implement Mobile App based Smart Van Sales solution which is an innovative salesforce and ordering automation solution.

  • Have a system or process to suggest orders based on customer previous transaction history

  • Have Dashboards created on

  • Target Numbers and Daily Achievements

  • The route, Beat and Plan Efficiency

  • Collection Efficiency

  • Ageing Analysis

All the above leads to better customer satisfaction and enhanced business prospects through upselling and cross-selling. Management on the other hand will have better visibility and control of operations.

Talk to Posibolt, global leader on Smart Van Sales Solution

Posibolt Solution Features

  • Efficient Loading of the Van from the warehouse based on the customer route and the previous Sales History of the customers

  • Quick and Easy Mobile App based Sales ordering process by Customer-side order taking and conversion into sales invoice through backend connectivity to Posibolt ERP Cloud. The process avoids the error-prone duplication of entries

  • Every time a customer order is entered, the stock in the Van is checked by the Mobile App automatically without the Van Salesman needing to physically check

  • A sales invoice can be printed at customer premises on the wireless/ handheld PDA during the route sales which updates stock and accounts instantly without any hassles.

  • Van Salesman gets reminders on outstanding payments by customers which are based on the ageing

  • Salesman can post customer payments instantly and SMS confirmation is sent to the client about the receipt of the amount.

  • Sales Return can be entered in the mobile app instantly without any hassles.

  • Salesman can have the information about daily sales and cash balance on the go.

  • With multiple modules, Posibolt has now become the blue-eyed boy of enterprise solutions and when Van Sales comes to the fore, Posibolt steps up the gas! We urge you to visit us at www.posibolt.com to know more about Van Sales and associated enterprise solutions.

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