Posibolt Asset Management System

Posibolt offers a comprehensive and integrated Asset Management solution with end to end coverage of the entire Asset Management processes right from acquisition, to upkeep, to maintenance and eventual retirement.

Posibolt Asset Management system tracks the financial value, legal compliance, health and inventory details of all kinds of assets ranging from physical, hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – throughout their life cycle starting with the conception of the need for the asset, through to its disposal, and includes the managing of any potential post disposal liabilities.

The following are some of the benefits that organization accrue:

  • More Meaningful and Accurate Financial Reporting.

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance and Reliability.

  • Long Term System Integrity.

  • Efficient work process for tracking maintenance history

  • Cost Saving

  • Good Business Practice.


Salient Features of Posibolt Assest Management Software

  • Enterprise Asset Management System

    The various Master Management functions include Creation of Asset Group, Asset Owner, Asset Types, Service Level Agreement, Locator, Locator Incharges, Asset Number Generation Scheme and Level settings.

  • Asset Management Software Tools & Dimensions

    The system tracks the financial, contractual, license, and inventory details of all types of assets be it hardware, software, or virtual infrastructure – as well as non IT assets – throughout their life cycle.

  • Asset Workflow Management

    Asset requests and changes have to handled carefully taking the required approvals for which the system provides workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements and provision services.

  • Asset Maintenance Management

    Once an asset is deployed, Posibolt Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables locator in-charges to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement. The various assets in an organization are meant to be maintained by an in-charge of where the asset is located. These 'Locator in-charges' are set from Warehouse Maintenance > Locators. If any defects or repair required for an asset under a location, it will be initiated by that locator's in-charge. They will have to file a complaint regarding the issue in 'Complaint Register' menu.

  • Asset Importing

    For uploading Assets in large numbers/ bulk the system provides features for importing from a comma separated file.

  • Asset Breakdown and Complaint Management

    When an asset is out of order or broken down the system provides for raising the complaint in digital register, track it to fixing and acceptable closure.

  • Asset Depreciation

    Asset depreciation is automatically calculated based on the useful life of the asset defined for the asset group. The information is easily available in the form of a report.

  • Device & Business Integration System – Add on

    Assets which have capability and requirement to be tracked can be integrated on a case to case basis using various technologies like RFID, WIFI etc.

  • Analytics Reports

    Asset Register Report, Asset AMC Report, Asset Breakdown Analysis, Rental Assets Report, Asset License Expiry Report, Asset Transfer Details.

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