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Delight your customers through cutting edge restaurant ERP

Restaurant ERP software solution has it’s importance more than ever in the this rapid digital revolution, With increased competition, the emphasis on customer experience has grown exponentially in the last decade. Technology has played an important role in being the enabler to a large extent and with many aggregators populating the food segment, the calling has been stronger. Let’s have a look at how Posibolt, a complete Restaurant ERP software has efficiently carved a niche for itself.

Here are a few striking features of the Restaurant ERP Software.

Manage restaurant tables with ease!

Your customers wait no more at their favourite restaurant for hours on end without being guaranteed a table. You must be packed to the brim and that is good news! But we also know that feeling when the stomach growls and the mouth waters and you don’t want that for your customers.

With Posibolt’s smart table management solution, they can now book a table seamlessly and you have nailed the first step of giving them a surreal experience, with the following options:

restaurant erp software

Customer Order Taking and Billing

restaurant erp system

What is Kitchen Order Token (KOT)?

The Kitchen Order Token (KOT) is a  technology in the restaurant industry that replaces the need for pen and paper. It consists of a kitchen tablet with an integrated thermal printer, and a waiter’s tablet with an integrated barcode scanner.

The KOT provides real-time tracking of orders in the kitchen and notifies the wait staff of any changes. It also provides an overview of orders placed in restaurants by customers. The system can be managed on an app via POS software that comes in touchscreen format; hence you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.

A simple tablet and lightning-fast software integrated with the back-end are all you need to bring a smile to your customers’ faces. You could help them by doing it yourself or by leaving a smart tab on the table for customers to choose their favourite dishes from. The order is transferred instantly to the kitchen and the efficiency in delivery is enhanced.

kitchen order token

Comprehensive KOT features to channel the order to the respective sections in the kitchen based on the food category

a complete Restaurant
erp system

Well, on a typical crowded weekend, restaurants are flocked by the dozen. Table management is paramount and Posibolt’s retail billing solution seamlessly integrates – Table Layout Design, New Creation along with the super cool feature of Merge and Split. Along with this, it monitors table-wise occupancy, the number of seats filled and keeps track of orders and billing accordingly. This makes billing clutter-free and the process of restaurant billing a breeze! As discussed, the process of kitchen order token aka KOT is also made seamless. This can be quite a pain-point but, with Posibolt’s restaurant billing software, restaurant professionals and owners alike, especially the ones who run a chain of them can breathe a sigh of relief.
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