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Posibolt Support paved the Growth of Rand Outfitters, South Africa

Client Overview

Rand Outfitters is a leading multi store retailer of Branded Footwear based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Apart from the outlets, they do online eCommerce selling as well. All of their inventory management happens from a 4000 sq.ft centralized warehouse, which helps in greater stock holding and faster customer deliveries.

Problem Statement

With the growth in business and the rise in the number of outlets it was becoming difficult to manage the operations and meet the growing customer expectations as information was scattered in disparate systems operating in silos. Hence it became imminent for the RO team to upgrade their systems and have a comprehensive, integrated ERP system in their outlets so as to better manage the outlet operations which in turn help them in customer delight leading to better business performance.


Posibolt provided its state-of-the-art ERP solution for ROs outlet operations which significantly helped them to streamline their business operations.

Following are the highlights of the solution provided to RO;

  • Considering the high customer turnout in outlets, especially during holiday seasons, it is absolutely imperative that there is zero downtime in billing counters (that could happen be as a result of poor network connectivity). To overcome this problem, the solution was deployed on a hybrid model with on premise local terminals connected to the on Cloud central server available for access from anywhere.
  • Sales features included Sales order with multiple payment modes (including Lay buy), capturing various product attributes like size, color etc, drop cash notification, password restriction for discounts, promotions etc.
  • Posibolt’s Purchase and Inventory module provided a comprehensive solution which has significantly aided the ROs warehouse operations. Few of the stand out features include PO Distribution, Inter Branch Transfer, Stock Transfer Requisition etc.
  • As part of the solution provided, there included a host comprehensive reports which includes the finer product details which helps in efficient inventory management and better overview of the business operations across all the outlets.
  • Posibolt also provided the provision to integrate with third party BI tools.


The following are the outcomes of Posibolt implementation at Rand Outfitters

  • Single Point of truth for Data avoiding duplication, mistakes and double data entry
  • Provided live tracking of inventory and valuable insights using visual dashboards to help in quick decision making
  • The solution and support helped the customer in Scale Up addressing the Growing Business Needs
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