Omnichannel Retail solution for AMRI, UAE

Omnichannel Retail Solution Problem Statement

Omnichannel Retail solution

In the vibrant realm of high-end fashion retail, AMRI Fashions grappled with intricate challenges, from operational efficiencies to navigating the complexities of consignment sales across its UAE-based designer wear stores. Seeking a strategic solution, AMRI partnered with Posibolt, a leader in omnichannel retail solutions. This collaboration seamlessly integrated Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Accounting, augmented by powerful Business Intelligence Analytics. Implemented in a Hybrid Cloud model, Posibolt’s innovations included Consignment Invoicing, store groupings, and advanced analytics. This dynamic partnership resulted in streamlined operations, enhanced stock management, and improved financial reporting for AMRI, setting the stage for sustained growth. 

Problem Statement

AMRI Fashions (https://amri.ae/) is a UAE-based leading chain of designer wear stores for Women and Kids, with 12 stores spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, RAK, Al Ain, and Khorfakkan. Apart from the physical stores, AMRI has an online presence in the form of e-commerce stores, social media, and other third-party online platforms like Namshi, Noon, and Ounass.

Faced with challenges related to operational efficiencies, growth plans, and difficulties with Consignment sales, AMRI was finding it difficult to manage vendors with a variety of margins, and their subsequent royalty amount to be paid. AMRI chose Posibolt for this purpose and we are proud to be associated with and contribute to the growth and success of AMRI as a solution provider.


Posibolt’s multi-store omnichannel Retail solution covering Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Accounting was implemented with a powerful layer of Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics to top it up. The Online eCommerce store is powered by Posibolt solution in the backend as a one-stop-shop for the entire Product Management of AMRI.

  • Merchandise
  • Sales
  • Customer
  • Purchase
  • Stores
  • Supply Chain/Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Admin/Security
  • Reports

The following are some salient points about the Omnichannel Retail solution and its implementation :

  • The solution was deployed in a Hybrid Cloud model with both local and cloud connectivity. This helps in performance as well as business continuity
  • Posibolt introduced Consignment invoicing, where the business can add a new vendor, its products, quantity purchased, its royalty percentage, and then generate the invoice to a particular vendor based on the quantity sold and its specified margin.
  • To track all its consignment sales, and the amount due to each vendor, one can now use the “Consignment Report” to check the sales of a particular product from a vendor, its quantity sold and the royalty amount due to that vendor.
  • Store groupings – Single brand, Multi brand, and Third-party
  • Product categorization between Owned (Factory), Purchased and Consigned items
  • Inventory and Performance reports by business-specific parameters like Vendor, Brand, Style code, Colour, Size, Material etc.
  • Integration of Products, Prices, and Stock with the Ecommerce system
  • Centralized Accounting
  • Advanced and Insightful analytics using BI reports for better and more accurate decision making
  • Discount card sales and promotions


The following are some of the outcomes of our Omnichannel Retail solution implementation :

  • Streamlined Operations across multiple stakeholders including front office, back office, management, and customer
  • Accurate Stock Valuation, Effective Inventory Management, Improved Sales and Purchase Processes were the priority areas achieved
  • Seamless Integration and Stock Visibility between Online Ecommerce Store front end and Posibolt based Product Administration in the Backend
  • Enhanced trust with vendors by providing access to system reports where one can check sales and stock of their items
  • Timely stock reshuffling between stores based on where the item is performing well
  • Implemented single brand and multi-brand stores with multiple currency support on both sales and purchases
  • Better cash flow management.
  • Financial Report analysis – P&L by store, store group.
  • Highly Scalable and Maintainable Platform which can adapt to the changing needs
  • YoY comparison and Seasonal sales using BI reporting

For more details visit www.posibolt.com, send in your queries to info@posibolt.com or call us on +91 87141 13166

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