Gulf Pharmacy, Bahrain, Runs Retail Sales

Gulf Pharmacy, Bahrain, Runs Retail Sales on Posibolt

Gulf Pharmacy: Overview and Problem Statement

Gulf Pharmacy is a subsidiary of Gulf Corporation for Technology (https://gctbahrain.com/), a renowned and diverse group operating since 1945 in Bahrain. GCT Bahrain supplies and supports medical devices, pharmaceutical wholesale, retail pharmacies and real estate. Gulf Pharmacy, with 11 retail pharmacy units across the country, was struggling with inefficiencies in their operations and was dissatisfied with their existing retail solution. They were looking for a reliable pharmacy solution that would help them improve efficiency and would support their business scale-up plans. Furthermore, they wanted a solution that could easily integrate with SAP. The search for efficient and scalable pharmacy software brought them to Posibolt retail solutions. 

Pharmacy Solution for GCT Bahrain

We implemented our comprehensive retail POS (Point of Sale) solution for pharmacy chains with multi-store operations. The pharmacy solution is designed to empower pharmacy chains with industry-specific features such as insurance features. The solution’s open architecture allowed for seamless SAP integration.  

The following are some salient points about the solution and its implementation:

  • Model: The solution was deployed on a hybrid model with on-premise local terminals connected to the Cloud central server that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Sales features: The sales features included sales order generation, multiple payment options that include cash, credit, insurance and TPA copay collection, product expiry alerts, VAT compliance, discounts, simplified return/exchange/refund operations, slip bill printing, and shift-based till and cash management
  • Customer experience features: Customer Master Management with insurance details and loyalty profile
  • SAP Integration: The solution was integrated with SAP with the following data exchanges – 
    • SAP -> Posibolt
      • Material Master Data (Items, Item Groups, Classifications)
      • Material Batch and Pricing Details
      • Inventory Syncing
    • Posibolt -> SAP
      • Invoice/ Revenue Details
      • Customer Returns and Refund Data
      • Stock Consumption

Result: Improved Processes, More Sales

The following are some of the outcomes of our solution implementation:

  • Comprehensive and end-to-end control and visibility with insights across stores, functions and departments
  • Streamlined operations across multiple stakeholders including senior management, front stores sales, back-office purchases, and finally the customer
  • Centralized Master Management with SAP Integration, accurate stock valuation, effective inventory management, quick sales and optimal purchase processes were the key objectives met
  • Improved visibility and insights into product performance, including brand-wise performance, leading to effective receivables management
  • Better customer engagement, upselling and cross-selling based on purchase patterns

To find out more about how our retail POS solutions can help your business, email us at info@posibolt.com, WhatsApp at 91 87141 13166 or visit www.posibolt.com

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