COVID-19 Retail Innovation Series | Are you prepared yet?

As we all have just been through a series of lock down measures to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19 corona virus forcing us to stay at home and indoors with literally the entire business coming to a halt some smart and forward-looking tech-savvy retailers rose to the occasion by adapting to retail innovation and literally transformed their business according to the occasion and customer needs. The following are some insights about retail innovations.

As the priorities of the consumer changed towards survival needs related to physiological and security requirements and so did the smart retailer innovatively dished out services accordingly. Some common examples were sanitizers, immunity boosters, protective gear, and diagnostic tools to medicines coupled with delivery options like curbside pickup and Buy online and pickup in-store (BOPIS).

Focused Offerings and Innovative Services

Connect with the Customer

As the pandemic created panic, paranoia, loneliness and depression at times, the smart retailer was constantly connected advising the customers on the best practices and informing them on how their products and services could be of benefit. Simple communication like SMS and notifications about the delivery policies/delays, personalized messages go a long way.

As the pandemic raised concerns on the quality and how infection-free are the products being offered or delivered the smart retailers had the exact answers by way of employee checks/gear, touch-free options, curbside pickup, cascaded token-based entry into the premises and conformance to the regulations as they were promulgated.

Quality Assurance and Compliance
Effective Usage of Technology
One of the major contributors in the recent response to the COVID-19 pandemic was the usage of online Technology mediums like video conferencing and e-commerce which saw a huge surge in their adoption and usage. Retailers who had their businesses aligned to the virtual online world were comfortably placed and did exceedingly well.

If we look at the above 4 areas from a business attitude perspective they are a) Willingness or Resistance to change, b) Agility and Flexibility, c) Attention for Detail and d) Right Understanding and Connect with your customer.

Stay tuned for more articles to practitioners approach to solving business problems coming soon in our series on COVID-19 Retail Innovation.

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