Cloud Versus On Premise ERP Benefits

When business owners consider investing in an ERP solution, one of the most common questions they have is whether to opt for cloud on premise ERP. If you are a business owner faced with making this decision, here is an overview of the on premise ERP benefits versus cloud ERP benefits. Posibolt’s technically advanced and architecturally superior solutions include a variety of options that allow you to get the best fit for your needs, keeping in mind your requirements and budget. Irrespective of your choice, our architecture is designed with an inherent replication capability that comes very handy in disaster situations.

Based on our experience and considering the needs of our customers we provide the following options for implementation

  • On Cloud Hosted Model
  • On Premise Deployment

Cloud ERP Benefits

Cloud ERP solutions are set up such that the application you use is deployed on public cloud by Posibolt. The customer does not have to install or maintain the application; they can simply use the application deployed on the centralized cloud server via an internet connection and pay a subscription charge for their usage.

The following are the advantages of a Cloud ERP system

  • The initial investment in server hardware and software is almost nil as you can use your existing PCs having internet browsers and connect to the internet to use the Posibolt application
  • Billing is based on the specific modules you opt for
  • You get the benefit of standard upgrades that happen periodically on the centralized application
  • Eliminates the need for an administrative staff to take care of maintenance issues
  • The package includes online support and a set of customizations and personalization features

On Premise ERP Benefits

As the name suggests, in this mode the solution is deployed on a server located on the client premises.

The following are the advantages of a Local or On Premise ERP system

  • The solution works even in your local area network, meaning internet is not required all the time.
  • You have total control on your unique solution and have greater scope for Customizations
  • Billing is license-based and does not involve a regular subscription fee as in ASP mode
  • You get free upgrades to the application during the warranty period
  • There is no limitation on the number of mini-servers that can be connected to the central server.
  • The replication between central and store servers can be done using standard database replication tools.

ERP System Architecture for Ensuring Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our ERP system architecture supports on cloud deployment for those who want to access their solution from anywhere and to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery for our clients. 

In this model, the application is hosted on our server while the customer only needs desktop computing infrastructure (Desktop PC/ Laptop) and good internet connectivity to access the solution.

In conjunction with the architectural decision on the deployment front to host the primary server on cloud or on premise, the backup and business continuity strategy would be decided. In other words, if the primary server is hosted on premise the cloud becomes the backup and vice versa.

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